The Craftsman's Shop offers the tools, materials and mentorship needed to learn timeless, lifelong skills and trades in one place. 

Saving you time and money, The Craftsman's Box is the only way to conveniently and economically learn the traditional trades in this modern world. 

While searching for classes, tools, and materials may be difficult, The Craftsman's Box provides you with education taught by an accomplished maker, tools and tricks to carry you through endless future projects, and materials to create a top-line heirloom product all shipped in a box to your door.

The Shop provides access to quality made products and the priceless opportunity to gain an at-home apprenticeship from knowledgeable, hardworking Craftsmen everywhere.

Acquire the lifelong skills that will yield endless opportunities
 to becoming your own craftsman. 



the box

By creating "The Craftsman's Box", anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to learn from masters and create beautifully designed pieces with the American man and woman in mind.
This provides more than just a typical student-teacher experience. You'll have the opportunity to meet and learn from makers & craftsmen from all over the country.

the apron

With waxed canvas and heavy leather straps, "The Craftsman's Apron" is durable and capable to protect craftsmen and craftswomen as they work.
Made in the USA, these aprons are the perfect accessory to any project, with each day of work adding character and story to the fabric.


We're excited to share more about
Make + Master, The Craftsman's Shop, our classes and how you can get involved. Whether you are interested in purchasing a product for yourself or loved one, joining a class or becoming a teacher or sponsor, please contact us at

Every learning opportunity is conceived and directed by small business owners.


It's the makers and craftsmen themselves who demonstrate their trades and skills to interested members of our community, creating an unparalleled learning experience. Makers are also compensated for their time and supplies which in turn supports and grows their business in a tangible way. 


Make + Master classes are all about connecting
you to the local Maker of your choosing.


Class begins by meeting your local Maker. These local business owners are experts in their individual trades. They are eager to share what they know with you, regardless of personal skill level. At Make + Master, it is essential that we establish a casual, comfortable space to foster a foundation of friendship, like-mindedness and abundance.

Instruction time is comprised of detailed guidance and firsthand application. Students are given the support of a mentor and sufficient time to create something of quality and purpose. This in turn, generates the confidence and penchant to make the exploration of different trades a lifelong adventure.

Meanwhile, a satisfying meal brings everyone together for further conversation and time to become more acquainted with one another. Some Makers may also set up shop offering additional products and lists of services on site. Class ends upon completion of the assigned project of the day, which we hope will be used often and treasured even more. Your time with Make + Master will leave you feeling fulfilled by what was given and received.




Q: What can I expect from the Make & Master experience?

A: The Make + Master experience is all about cultivating a craft…for the craftsman and the student. Make + Master centers around the idea of connecting local makers with their people and people with their local makers. With every course, you can expect to leave equipped with the knowledge of a new skill and the connection of a local craftsman. We provide the literal tools for you to come learn and create, so you can leave with the knowledge of how to continue making whenever and wherever you like.


Q: How big are the classes?

A: Class size varies on the specific maker involved. Together, we will determine the optimum environment to ensure that instructors can give the quality time and attention needed for each participant to learn and feel success. On average, class size will range from 10-20.


Q: I’m a local maker! How can I get involved?

A: Hi and welcome to Make + Master! We’re always looking for likeminded, local businesses with whom to join forces. Email us at to talk more.


Q: When and where will this all take place?

A: Make + Master classes will begin in Spring of 2016. Classes will be held on Saturday mornings at Church and State’s new building, 1893. Find out more about their space and cause here.


Q: How much will each class be?

A: The cost of each Make + Master class will vary depending on the skill being shared that day. We anticipate offering classes ranging from $100-$500 based on required tools, projects, and time. One unique tenet of the Make + Master community is that local business owners are paid for their time and knowledge as well. Our goal is a mutually beneficial experience for those who come to learn and for those who teach.

Q: I know someone who would LOVE to attend one of these events. Can I purchase a spot as a gift?

A: What a thoughtful gesture! And yes, it's really easy to purchase a spot for someone else. Contact us at to find out more.