Make + Master is an extension of our commitment to sharing knowledge and supporting small businesses.


The primary aim of Make + Master revolves around the key elements of reciprocity and community. Reciprocity comes into play as the Maker is compensated for their time and knowledge while organically promoting their business. Makers have been meticulously curated to ensure quality of content, product and experience. Simultaneously, those in attendance of Make + Master events leave with applied knowledge and the necessary resources to progress independently. All the while, an abiding sense of community is borne as like-minded individuals join together to teach and learn specialized skills. All those involved feel satisfaction in what they contribute and receive from their association with Make + Master.



Chelsea Scanlan

Stock & Barrel Co.
Parker & Whitney Lichfield

Anne B. Designs
Sarah Burrows

The Furniture Joint
Chad Parkinson

Griz Kid
Wes Larson

Queen Farina
Aubrey Johnson & Gina Nielson

Jonathan Canlas