Make + Master classes are all about connecting
you to the local Maker of your choosing.


Class begins by meeting your local Maker. These local business owners are experts in their individual trades. They are eager to share what they know with you, regardless of personal skill level. At Make + Master, it is essential that we establish a casual, comfortable space to foster a foundation of friendship, like-mindedness and abundance.

Instruction time is comprised of detailed guidance and firsthand application. Students are given the support of a mentor and sufficient time to create something of quality and purpose. This in turn, generates the confidence and penchant to make the exploration of different trades a lifelong adventure.

Meanwhile, a satisfying meal brings everyone together for further conversation and time to become more acquainted with one another. Some Makers may also set up shop offering additional products and lists of services on site. Class ends upon completion of the assigned project of the day, which we hope will be used often and treasured even more. Your time with Make + Master will leave you feeling fulfilled by what was given and received.