"I knew Make + Master classes were going to be good, but I was absolutely blown away. The instructors were knowledgeable, kind and helpful and I left with more than just a beautiful bag that I made with my own two hands. I left the workshop with a sense of empowerment and connection to my community and local business. Every detail was executed so beautifully - from the class itself, to the food, the space... Make + Master thought of everything. I can't wait for the next workshop and I'm getting all of my friends to join me." 


"I attended the leatherwork class offered by Make + Master and was so impressed with how much I was able to learn, hands on, in just a few hours.  I had been wanting to learn leatherwork for a couple of years, and had dabbled a little, watching how-to videos, and reading books, but there is nothing like hands-on instruction from an expert. I was able to make a beautiful messenger bag from start to finish during the class, and more importantly, it gave me the kick start that I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a craftsman in leatherwork. Parker, the instructor, gave me the motivation to go forward. I have since set up a small leather workshop in my home, dedicated to my passion. Parker also directed me to excellent sources for leather and hardware. The class was well organized, and I received a crate filled with basic leatherworking tools and some other great local swag. Delicious brunch was served as well.  I could not have been more impressed with the quality of the instruction or the organization of the event. Highly recommended!"


"I had such a great time at the Make and Master class. Every detail was thought out: from the box of supplies and gifts to the delicious food, it truly felt like a special occasion. The teachers, Parker and Whitney from Stock and Barrel, were patient, helpful, and super informative -- they even answered questions that didn't directly relate to the project or their own products. I left feeling like I had a strong enough foundation (and even some of the tools required) that I could try making something else. I'm already figuring out which class I want to take next!"

- Sarah Anderson, Owner of City of Industry

" I could not believe how much we learned and what we came away from the class with. A full on crate full of goods, including all the tools and patterns to make our own leather goods at home, plus we were fed the most delicious lunch and fueled by fresh cold-pressed juice from Vive Juicery. Every penny worth it and more. Nothing makes me more happy than to help support the local community where we live and learn in the process." 

- MIKO BOWEN, ogden, utah

"Make + Master had me initially with their simple idea-to take non gender specific skills that have been practiced and perfected by an individual and share that skill with the general public. M+M pushed me to sign up for their first class based on their professional, creative, & approachable Instagram/Website. Their attention to detail and personal interest in their featured makers is apparent on social media, but it is far exceeded in real life. Make + Master made everything effortless to the participants of the workshops. We were warmly greeted and taken care of from start to finish. The information we gained was easily broken down and the instructors Stock & Barrel were so friendly, knowledgeable, & available to help. The class started with coffee, Vive Juice, scones and then later a brunch of salad, fresh fruit, and gourmet biscuit sandwiches by Biscuit Baby. The food complemented the entire class beautifully and was so delicious. When was the last time you had an actual delicious biscuit sandwich? 1893 as an event space for the series seems like a perfect pairing as far as aesthetic and vision. And you cannot take a bad photo in that space, so that helps if you forget to wear mascara or pants that day. Nothing about Make + Master's class felt unplanned or mediocre. No detail was left out, and the details made the experience and money completely worth it. The knowledge that I gained in skill I will always have and can use in my own life, but the experience of the class was far more valuable to me. Make + Master is doing it right and I think that comes from a combination of on-point ideas, perfect planning, great collaborations, beautiful venue, laid back vibe, approachable skilled creatives, and delicious food. I would sincerely attend every workshop I could and suggest it to everyone. Salt Lake City is so lucky to be home to Make + Master."


"I attended Film with Film is Not Dead (aka the one and only Jonathan Canlas). Jonathan was more than generous in sharing his years of expertise - the content of the class was phenomenal and everything I hoped for. From nugget after nugget of priceless knowledge, to learning hands on and getting in front of Jonathan's camera - everything was geared to helping the attendees learn film portraiture. well (all caps)! I had expected to receive film and my canon AE-1 as promised, but when I walked in to the room and saw the beautiful name tags and the hand crafted leather strap and film pouch presented neatly in the wooden box I was really moved. It was obvious to me that time and care was taken on my behalf and that the Make + Master team takes pride in their brand and values their clients. I have attended many workshops and conferences, and this experience was far and away my favorite and I applaud Make + Master for taking a class to the level of "experience" by providing a warm setting, tools to work, and lining up true masters who have a passion for their craft."