The Craftsman's Shop offers the tools, materials and mentorship needed to learn timeless, lifelong skills and trades in one place. 

Saving you time and money, The Craftsman's Box is the only way to conveniently and economically learn the traditional trades in this modern world. 

While searching for classes, tools, and materials may be difficult, The Craftsman's Box provides you with education taught by an accomplished maker, tools and tricks to carry you through endless future projects, and materials to create a top-line heirloom product all shipped in a box to your door.

The Shop provides access to quality made products and the priceless opportunity to gain an at-home apprenticeship from knowledgeable, hardworking Craftsmen everywhere.

Acquire the lifelong skills that will yield endless opportunities
 to becoming your own craftsman. 



the box

By creating "The Craftsman's Box", anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to learn from masters and create beautifully designed pieces with the American man and woman in mind.
This provides more than just a typical student-teacher experience. You'll have the opportunity to meet and learn from makers & craftsmen from all over the country.

the apron

With waxed canvas and heavy leather straps, "The Craftsman's Apron" is durable and capable to protect craftsmen and craftswomen as they work.
Made in the USA, these aprons are the perfect accessory to any project, with each day of work adding character and story to the fabric.


We're excited to share more about
Make + Master, The Craftsman's Shop, our classes and how you can get involved. Whether you are interested in purchasing a product for yourself or loved one, joining a class or becoming a teacher or sponsor, please contact us at