An opportunity to experience craftsmanship, learn practical skills,
and create your own bit of history.


The Craftsman's Box offers the perfect balance between an education, creation and perpetuation.
A percentage of each sale goes back to the Maker, offering measurable support and organic marketing for each and every one of our small businesses

Everything necessary to complete your Make + Master experience is nestled away in soft, wooden curls, ready to be delivered to your door.


The Craftsman's Apron is the perfect traditional accessory to protect and assist all skill levels on projects while giving a nod to the creativity and wisdom of the makers before us.

We always prepay our makers for each product, providing them zero risk, guaranteeing them large orders and constant business. Each product delivered provides materials that offer knowledge and information concerning the collaborating maker.

The perfect gift for yourself or favorite maker - USA made and ready to be shipped directly to your door.

The Craftsman's Pin is a classic piece to add to an apron, bag, jacket, or hat. With the classic black and brass colors, this pin can easily stand out or blend in.

Another great collaboration with a local, small business owner, these pins are a work of art that we're excited to share with makers, and lovers of craft everywhere.

This pin is the perfect gift for your favorite craftsman or a little something to self proclaim your newest title.